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Grievances Answers are available through your Shop Stewards and/or Chairmen.
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UA 855 P.A.C.


The P.A.C. (Political Action Committee) has been formed to position our local in a favorable stance in the political arena. Some objectives of our P.A.C. are to bring visability to our local. Support politicians who have supported us and labor organizations in general. Educate our membership as to issues which may have an impact on their jobs, health care, wages, etc....

Occasionally, there are times when the P.A.C. will rally our members to assemble in Trenton to oppose or support legislation which may have an impact on our membership. There are many times where we send delegates to certain functions in order to keep a level of visability which maintains working relationships with politicians and other labor organizations.

The P.A.C. is funded by voluntary contributions from our membership. We're asking all our members to contribute $1.00 a week. We have arranged for convenient weekly automatic payroll deduction. For those members that can afford to contribute more, it would be greatly appreciated.

Please visit our P.A.C. web page for current events, voter registration information, as well as items of interest.

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All members are able to sign up for the United Association Web site.  The following is the instructions for new sign up if you do not already have an account with them. You will need your membership card for sign up, your login name will be your card id number off of your memvership card.  You can update your address on the website as well as various other functions.

LOGIN = UA Card Number
If you are a Member and have not YET answered the enrollment questions, you MUST select First Time User to create your Member access account.


Instructions are listed on the home page.

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All members please remember to keep your address and personal information up to date with Local 855 as well as the United Association.

Your benefits are issued under the name and information the United Association has that was listed on your application for membership (unless you have updated it since starting with Local 855).  

If your name has changed or is incorrect you will not be able to claim the benefits entitled to you, it is very important all information be kept current.  You can make address changes on the United Association website, there is a link for the UA on the home page of this website.  Name changes must be submitted to Local 855 or your current Shop Steward. ( This requires a copy of a birth certificate or marriage license, or other documented proof of the name change).

If you are out on FLA, disability, etc. for a period of time and dues are NOT being deducted from your pay please make arrangements to mail your dues directly to Local 855 to keep your membership current.  Your dues are your responsability and need to be kept current. If dues are deliquient 3 months or more you will incur a reinstatement fee of $50.00, After 6 months of deliquent dues your membership will be terminated requiring you to reapply for membership.

*Retirement - Upon retirement plus send a letter to the Local 855 or give to your local shop steward advising the Local of your retirement, so we can get our information to you, with the monthly amount and the benefits entitled to you by keeping your monthly dues current.



 Any questions you may have please contact or see your local shop steward.

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